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Since 1985, Precision Dental Laboratories has worked diligently to answer one question: How do we become more than just a full-service laboratory? In an industry that is rife with companies offering a broad scope of "look-alike" products and "me-too" services, we have worked relentlessly to stay ahead of the curve rather than just follow it.

From a well-designed formula of passion, progression and high performance to a team of highly talented technicians, we are able to offer the service and innovation you deserve.

If you're looking for a dental lab that provides precise restorations and legendary communication, you've found us! We guarantee you'll love partnering with Precision Dental. Send us a case and let us prove it.

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At Precision Dental, our passion is showing. It comes from somewhere deep within. It fills the heart with joy to do the work you love. We love what we do. We love our customers. And most importantly, we love the feeling we get when we give you the attention, the service, and the products that you deserve.

Partner with Precision Dental Laboratories and let us remind you why you chose to become a dentist.

  • "Precision Dental provides precise, quality prosthetics with professionalism. I am especially impressed that for a laboratory of their size, their consistency in the level of meticulous results and individualization per doctor request is outstanding. I am always able to communicate directly with any lab technician that I need to in a timely fashion. And their turnaround time is practical and efficient. I highly recommend Precision Dental Labs for anyone looking for quality, consistent, and detailed prosthetic cases!"

    -Kay A. Van Erem, D.D.S.
    Bismarck Family Dental, PC

  • "I have used Precision Dental Labs for most of my career. They consistently provide a high quality product in a reasonable amount of time for a fair fee. I have found the technicians to be quite knowledgeable and helpful when doing complex cases. Simply put, you can rely on Precision Dental Labs."

    -Dr. Rick Hieb, DDS
    Prairie Rose Family Dentistry

  • "I have done some difficult aesthetic cases and have been beyond impressed with the results we have received from Precision Dental Labs. I speak with their lab techs a few times a week and we have a great relationship. They are extremely professional, willing to work on tight deadlines when needed and have great pride in their work. Precision continues to keep their fundamental perfection while gaining new technology to continually keep costs down and make strong and beautiful dental products for my patients. Thank you for all you do for our patients and our office!"

    -Dr. Carrie Orn, DDS
    Jamestown, ND

  • "Precision is always available when I have questions. They put me in direct contact with the technician dealing with my case."

    -Dr. Luke Hvidston, DDS
    Hawley Family Dentistry

  • "Precision Dental puts together a custom Dr. folder with your preferred settings for your fixed cases so that you can count on getting back a consistent, predictable product each and every time. This alone has reduced my chairside time dramatically when seating restorations. I would recommend Precision Dental Labs to any professional, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the case."

    -Dr. James Johnson, DDS
    Saving Smiles Dentistry

  • "Precision Dental Lab is a valuable asset to my practice, always available to answer my questions and to provide me with current techniques and products. Precision is on the cutting edge of the future of dentistry."

    -Dr. Rob Lauf, DDS
    Goose River Dental Associates, P.C.

  • "A big reason I use Precision Dental Labs is that I trust them. They are trustworthy in their workmanship, pricing, and the way they stand behind their work. I feel fortunate to have a dental lab of this technological level and overall quality so close to my practice."

    -Dr. Kent Shirley, DDS

  • "Precision Dental Laboratories’ service is above and beyond excellent! The quality of their work is beautiful and their customer service is very friendly. They are always willing to help in any way. I greatly appreciate their commitment to furthering their knowledge base with their investment in new technology and educational courses. I’d highly recommend them to any dental office."

    -Samuel Sticka, DMD
    Sticka Dental Clinic, P.C.



Communication is said to be the key to any successful relationship. This is especially true of your relationship with Precision Dental Laboratories. Dentist-Lab communication is a powerful tool to leverage greater success in your practice, resulting in a great relationship with Precision Dental and better restorations for your patients. We define a successful case as one in which the restoration is precise, your chair time is minimal, and your patient is thrilled with the results. Delivering successful cases to exacting standards is what we do for you and your patients every day.



Don't worry, we've done the legwork for you. We've tried, tested and hand-picked every service, material and product we offer. Because first and foremost, we're interested in offering you only what we have found to be aesthetic, strong and reliable.

When it comes to something like implant restorations, it's all about what you know. We also believe it's all about the training that gives you that knowledge, and the way that knowledge is used. At Precision Dental, we continually refine that knowledge so that we can be certain that we are a resource to our customers rather than a run-of-the-mill laboratory. Whether it's single implant restorations or implant supported removable prosthetics, our Implant Team is familiar with all major implant systems and capable of handling the most complex cases. Through unique treatment planning, surgical guides, milled overdenture bars and abutments, and full digital capabilities, it's not only what we know, but also what we can do that allows us to be a vital resource to your success.

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For more information on pricing and treatment planning options, please call our office and we would be happy to assist you.

For your patients who have either failing or missing dentition, Precision Dental Laboratories offers implant supported removable restorations including All-On-4®, Pro Arch and Teeth X-Press. Precision Dental works hand in hand with you to deliver chairside conversions on the day of surgery. Implant Supported Removables placed in this manner quickly lead to improved patient satisfaction regarding function, aesthetics, sense, speech and self-esteem.

From planning and implant placement to the final restoration, Precision Dental Labs offers you all the components and support needed to provide a seamless edentulous treatment.

"Multi-disciplinary treatment planning is critical to the All-On-Four and Precision Dental’s experience and expertise are invaluable. Their team, along with the high quality parts, materials and lab work make these cases very successful and enjoyable to perform for both my surgeon and me."
-Dr. Paul Tronsgard, DDS

As the world of dentistry revolutionizes through the use of new materials and digital technology, and with changes in the economics of fabrication, it's our job to ensure that the basics remain the foundation of our restorative work. While our industry continues to grow and change, we're committed to pairing those advancements with high-design, simplicity and progression which are the fundamental elements at the core of each restoration we produce.

Precision Dental Laboratories gives you access not only to some of the most advanced products and materials, but also decades of our experience and know-how. Whether you desire CAD/CAM milled restorations or traditional stacked crowns and bridges, our knowledgeable technicians will help you explore a variety of options and choose the best restoration for you and your patients.

High-design, simplicity and progression generate precision. It's who we are and it's in everything we do.

    Zirconia Options:
  • BruxZir®
  • 3M ESPE Lava

  • *Precision Dental Laboratories
    is an Authorized BruxZir Laboratory

    All-Ceramic Options:
  • IPS e.max® Press
  • IPS e.max® CAD
  • Feldspathic Veneers
    All-Metal Options:
  • Noble (Semi-Precious)
  • 40% All Type IV
  • 60% All Type III
  • 77% All Type III
  • Non-Precious (CrCo)
    PFM Options:
  • Nobel-Press
  • Noble (Semi-Precious)
  • High Noble (Yellow Precious)
  • Non-Precious

The concept of artistic flair is not uncommon in the world of dentistry. But at Precision Dental Laboratories those artistic nuances take center stage in many of our removable restorations. Maybe that's why Precision Dental Laboratories' full and partial denture restorations have garnered so much national attention over the past few decades. Our talented team members approach each removable restoration from not simply a standpoint of functionality, but also from a perspective that only someone with a knack for aesthetics and high-design can possess, adding an artistic touch to what nature has already given each patient.

It's art. And it's science.

Now, we're not saying that we've employed a team of van Gogh-like technicians. But then again, maybe we are.

    Full Denture Options:
  • Premium™ Dentures
  • Value Dentures
  • Econo Dentures
  • Avoid Embarrassment Dentures
    Partial Denture Options:
  • Econo Cast Partial
  • Valplast Partial
  • Vitalium Partial Frame
  • Flexite
  • Talon



What do you get when you marry exceptional quality with cutting edge technology? TechQuality! (We made that up.) Precision Dental Labs’ investment in the latest technology, equipment and materials has put us on the leading edge of digital dentistry.

Components are designed and fabricated in our laboratory using state of the art dental software and industrial milling equipment. Our facility is equipped with CAD/CAM technology, including 3Shape, Dental Wings, Sirona and Cloudpoint design software which enables us to receive Cerec, 3M, iTero and 3Shape TRIOS digital impressions. These capabilities ensure high-quality restorations that exhibit consistent fit, contacts and occlusion while minimizing error and decreasing turnaround time.

Precision Dental’s skillful team of technicians adjusts the aesthetics and contours to your prescription, resulting in restorations that require little to no chairside adjustment. Throughout the emergent technology fabrication process, Precision Dental conducts exacting quality assurance checks to provide you with the finest restorations achievable. TechQuality.




Precision Dental Laboratories has expanded our digital service capabilities with four outstanding options. Whether you need a single coping, long span bridgework, full crowns or custom implant abutments, Precision Dental can create a restoration that exhibits exceptional marginal integrity and beautiful aesthetics. Choose the scanning system that works best for you and send your files to Precision Dental to experience the benefits of digital dentistry:

  • Increased Accuracy
  • Faster Turnaround
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Increased Patient Comfort

3SHAPE TRIOS and D2000

The 3Shape TRIOS® digital impression solution is a portable and versatile scanning system, supporting optimal design and treatment. 3Shape Communicate™ opens a new world of collaboration between dentists, surgeons, and Precision Dental Laboratories. Easy and flexible sharing of scans and designs enhances efficiency, relationships, and final treatment results.

Precision Dental Labs has added the powerful 3Shape D2000 for all-in-one lab scanning.

The D2000 features:

  • 4 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multi-line
  • Accuracy: 5 μm (ISO) / 8 μm (Implant bar)
  • Die scan time: 15 sec
  • Full arch scan time: 25 sec
  • Color texture scanning
  • No need for separate die scan
  • All-in-one scanning: room for 2 models

3Shape TRIOS® allows you to scan a patient’s mouth in your office and then send the images to Precision Dental Laboratories for designing and milling of a perfect restoration. 3Shape TRIOS® is a three-in-one digital impression solution: It’s an intraoral scanner for fast and easy 3D color impression taking; an integrated intraoral camera; and TRIOS® performs shade measurement while you scan.

TRIOS® supports a wide range of dental indications to give you more treatment options. Verified 3Shape CAD/CAM workflows for each specific indication ensure optimal accuracy, ease of use and outstanding clinical results.



Precision Dental Laboratories can accept your 3M True Definition scans, resulting in precise restorations. The 3M™ True Definition Scanner is accurate enough for your most challenging cases—long-span bridges, multi-unit restorations and full-arch dentistry—where there is little tolerance for distortion or error.

3M™ True Definition Scanner impressions have a clinically proven fit rate of 99.7%

These precisely fitting restorations eliminate the need for retakes, remakes and adjustments which means:

  • Faster seating times and fewer return visits associated with remakes
  • Lower material and labor costs
  • Improved patient convenience, satisfaction and loyalty

Innovative Design

The 3M™ True Definition Scanner has the smallest wand on the market for fast and easy scanning. The lightweight wand is ergonomically balanced and allows one-handed scanning from multiple positions.



Digital technology ensures a more accurate impression from the start, designed to result in better-fitting restorations including crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, onlays and implant abutments, from single units to full arches. The iTero intraoral scanner from Cadent is synonymous with high precision. Its parallel confocal imaging technology uses optical and laser scanning to achieve highly accurate images without powder or hovering. iTero delivers speed, reliability, intuitive operations and outstanding visualization capabilities, allowing you to communicate seamlessly with Precision Dental Laboratories’ CAD/CAM systems.

Dentist benefits of using the iTero system include:

  • Excellent accuracy with no distortion from patient movement during set, removal of impression prior to thorough set, or disinfection following set
  • Onscreen visualization and real-time feedback, allowing for immediate adjustment to create the ideal impression the first time
  • No impression mess to clean up

Patient Benefits include:

  • A more comfortable impression experience
  • Fewer repeat appointments
  • Less time in the dental chair
  • A better-fitting restoration

For Precision Dental Labs:

  • A more accurate impression, essential for a good restoration
  • Increased productivity by reducing costly re-impressions
  • Contaminate-free model provides for technician peace of mind

Creating A Perfect Impression With iTero

  • The Digital Prescription Form – Enter patient treatment information into the digital prescription form, which is used by Precision Dental Labs to fabricate the requested restoration. Prior to tooth preparation, the opposing dentition can be scanned by the dental assistant.
  • Tooth Preparation and Tissue Management – As with any restorative procedure, tooth preparation and tissue management with Cadent iTero depends on sound biomechanical and macromechanical principles. The iTero scanner will precisely capture any preparation design of your choice.
  • Scanning – Digital impressions with iTero begin with a single-use imaging shield to ensure maximum infection control for the patient and the office staff. The system will identify the tooth to be scanned and the angle at which to scan through voice and visual commands. Each individual scan is presented in color.
  • Assimilation – The 3D virtual models of both arches are then previewed on the screen. This process takes less than 30 seconds. It is important to review the model with the patient present to ensure proper retraction allowed for a clear margin and the tooth reduction was adequate.
  • Review – The scan can be evaluated from any desired viewing position using the software tools. The digital articulator allows you to review the occlusal clearance and make any modifications necessary on the prepared tooth or opposing arch. This simple step ensures that Precision Dental Labs has the appropriate reduction to deliver optimal aesthetics for the restoration type you prescribe.
  • Transmit – The iTero digital impression system features a dedicated wireless internet connection. A simple mouse click sends the patient’s scan data to Precision Dental Laboratories.

Predictable Time Savings

The scanning process with iTero is intuitive and easy. The software guides you at each step with voice and visual prompts. A complete scan takes just 3-5 minutes - about the time required for conventional impression materials to set. And with no time devoted to preparing impression trays or cleaning up, the time savings are predictable. The accuracy of impressions made with iTero means that restorations require minimal adjustment, which delivers another source of predictable time savings.

iTero intraoral scans can enhance the accuracy and precision of your downstream restorative process while reinforcing your reputation as a state-of-the-art practice.


Precision Dental Laboratories recently added Sirona’s revolutionary new inEos X5 CAD/CAM scanner to our toolbox. This technological wonder reliably covers all digitization tasks in our lab. Featuring a robot arm, innovative model positioning, the latest extraoral scanning technology and an open interface, the 5-axis inEos X5 provides unrivalled precision at less than 12 microns and impressive depth of field, flexible handling, quick scanning times and a comprehensive application spectrum.

The X5’s automated operating concept has been programmed to ensure maximum efficiency for all scanning tasks and is augmented by a manual scanning option.

Sirona Cerec is the perfect platform for achieving well-defined designs and flawless production of your crowns, bridges and implants. Precision Dental can accept your scans via Sirona Connect, resulting in faster turnaround times for your most important cases.

The inEos X5 can be used by our lab to scan impressions and models of all or part of the jaw manually or automatically. The new operating concept increases flexibility for our technicians so that the scanning process can be optimally integrated into the workflow of the laboratory. While the manual scanning mode saves time for simpler operations, the fully automatic scanning mode increases efficiency with regard to extensive operations.

The scanning speed of the inEos X5 is impressive. The large image field allows the camera to capture four to five teeth per image and an entire jaw with a total of five images. This is how it digitizes one single crown in less than ten seconds, a three-unit bridge construction in only 30 seconds, and an entire jaw in less than one minute. A completely new optical system is used for the scan, which is based on the digital pattern projection. Accuracy of less than 12 microns and the camera’s autofocus guarantee high-quality screen data that is also suitable for procedures that require the highest degree of accuracy, such as the most demanding implant operations. Due to the camera’s greater depth of definition, the inEos X5 can also capture the entire jaw including the palate, which makes it possible to create a digital construction of model casting works.

With innovative five-axis technology including rotation arm and intelligent scan planning, the inEos X5 ensures quick, automatic positioning. This standardizes the images, eliminates user error and speeds up the imaging process.

Precision Dental Laboratories is pleased with the time-saving, robotic precision the Sirona inEos X5 gives us, and we are excited to be able to extend to you the advantages it offers.




Here are a few things we thought you might like to have access to. Not finding what you're looking for? Let us know and we'll make sure it gets into your hands.


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